In a World Where Identity Theft Protection Is Not Created Equal...


The media and entertainment industry was abuzz after the historic hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment's network this past November. Careers were tarnished and The Interview became a cultural event. But the terrifying real-life drama that resulted from the hack was left out of the spotlight. Thousands of Sony Pictures Entertainment employees were living in a horror film after their identities, bank accounts, and health information were compromised in the security breach.

“You chug along. But it is like, wow, you always have to look over your shoulder. This is forever.”
— Sony Pictures Employee

An employee* of Sony Pictures Entertainment has opened up to Fortune about the personal impact the security breach had on his family and some of his colleagues. From having to take time off for opening and closing accounts to worrying about their life savings and retirement funds, the cost of identity theft is devastating to both employees and employers. Read the full article here.

“The company provided us with All Clear ID, which is a security monitoring firm, but some people said that LifeLock was the way to go, and I decided to get it. There’s a reason you pay for it.”
— Sony Picture Employee

As employers and employees work to secure networks and personal identities, they often start exploring the world of identity theft protection. Many providers offer "reactive" services that may be presented at a lower cost. The problem with reactive services is that often times the impact of a security breach is not seen until after accounts and identities are compromised. Only Lifelock Identity Theft Protection provides proactive monitoring and alerts.

In today's digital world it is not a matter of if but when identity theft will happen. Learn how BPC and LifeLock Identity Theft Protection can safeguard your employees as a voluntary employee benefit at no cost to your company. And, by partnering with BPC, you can offer this group benefit at rates much lower than what is available to individual customers. Watch this video and learn more about how BPC and LifeLock Identity Theft Protection can safeguard your employees.

*The employee’s name has been withheld due to the sensitivity of the ongoing situation.


Posted on February 27, 2015 .