What Employers Need to Know About COBRA Compliance

What employers need to know about COBRA Notices

We all know that when an employee terminates, he should be offered COBRA.  Beyond that, it starts to get complicated.  That is why BPC offers comprehensive COBRA administration services to save you time and keep your company in compliance. 

COBRA notice requirements begin long before an employee loses coverage.  Let's start with a brief refresher on the beginning of the COBRA process and Qualifying COBRA Events.

What is an Initial COBRA Notice?

Also known as the General Notice, this is a short description of a participant’s rights and obligations under COBRA.  It is to be furnished when a participant first becomes covered under a plan, to ensure that the participant is aware of the right to elect COBRA if they terminate employment or experience another qualifying event at some point in the future. 

When must an Initial COBRA Notice be sent?

The Department of Labor’s COBRA regulations specify that the Initial COBRA Notice should be delivered within 90 days after the coverage begins.  In order to ensure this deadline is met, BPC asks that employers inform BPC of new coverage for employees or spouses within 30 days from the start of coverage.

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Posted on February 9, 2015 .