Open Enrollment Resources for Employers

Employer Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment season is here! BPC is pleased to have the opportunity to serve your company and your employees during this important process. In addition to providing direct access to your annual open enrollment resources, this site provides information on the latest BPC products and services to help you stay in compliance while offering your employees money-saving benefits and peace of mind. 

Important Dates

2-3 Months Before Renewal (e.g October 15, 2018 for a calendar year 2019 plan.): Employers will receive custom open enrollment materials on a rolling basis during the month of October. If your company needs materials soon, please contact us with your timeline information.

4 Weeks Before Renewal (e.g December 1, 2018 for a calendar year 2019 plan.) Completed open enrollment information to be submitted to BPC to ensure timely debit card delivery to participants, and to insure that BPC can begin claim and payment processing on the first processing date in January 2019.

Get started by exploring BPC's comprehensive offering of tax-advantaged benefit solutions and compliance services. There is still time to update and add services and product options. Contact us to get started.

Next, download and complete the Client Information Form which helps BPC track basic information about your organization and look for potential efficiencies in our services to your employees.

Finally, help your employees understand and get the most of their benefits with these helpful videos, cost-benefit calculators, and claim forms.

Annual Open Enrollment FORMS for Employers:

• 6 Open Enrollment Front Pagers:

  1. FSA

  2. FSA DCA

  3. DCA




Security Access Form

Copay Form

Payroll Frequency Form