Grow Your Career with BPC

BPC is committed to providing you with professional growth opportunities and the ability to learn new things within the company.  Looking to take on a new challenge and add variety to your day?  Unless otherwise specified, the opportunities below represent a chance to add a new skillset and responsibilities at BPC, but do not necessarily represent specific opportunities for a full-time position change.


The Ideal Candidate

Growth opportunities are typically available for candidates who:

  • Stay client focused and approach all situations with a servant heart
  • Provide suggestions for process and efficiency by thinking analytically and being solution oriented
  • Cooperate with other staff members, clients and other vendor partners as a team player with a positive attitude
  • Pay attention to the details 
  • Self-start and take ownership of their work
  • Think of the team; complete their own work timely and assists other team members 
  • Remain open minded and open to change
  • Maintain a positive outlook
  • Have demonstrated mastery and experience (typically 6 months* or more) in their current position/roles

*If you have interest in an opportunity but have been in your position less than 6 months, please let us know about your interest anyway.  You may still be eligible for these positions, plus we always want to track your areas of interest.

Health and Welfare Opportunities


COBRA is a law mandating that eligible employees have the opportunity to continue health (including medical, dental, vision, FSA, HRA and EAPs) insurance coverage after experiencing a loss of eligible employer coverage. COBRA is one of the next steps in the career path through the Benefits department.  To facilitate depth and flexibility, as well as prepare specialists for professional growth, we maintain a team of specialists capable of assisting routinely with certain core COBRA functions.  These core functions include processing employee terminations in DataPath which includes reviewing incoming information from clients, following up in some cases for more details, and inputting data in DataPath.

Discrimination Testing

Nondiscrimination rules are designed to ensure the benefits under the cafeteria plan provided by employers do not discriminate in favor of certain owners and highly paid individuals.  BPC provides nondiscrimination testing services to all Section 125 clients.  This testing is based on the employers plan year-end. Because our clients have varying plan years this testing takes place throughout the year.  Duties will involve requesting necessary information from the group contact, running reports, and performing tests by utilizing the nondiscrimination test reporting features in WealthCare.  Assisting with this testing provides an inside look at what Implementation does and builds a foundation for future career opportunities.


BPC receives claims files from many insurance carriers on behalf of our clients.  By receiving electronic files, we streamline the reimbursement process for ourselves and our participants.  Processing these files involves importing them into BPCNet where different rules and procedures will apply depending on the carrier and client’s plan.  Once processed, claims files are then imported into the WealthCare Administration system, and Excel-based reports are made available to specialists for reconciliation purposes.  This experience provides advanced knowledge in Operations that is vital for career advancement in various areas of the department.

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Discrimination Testing