BPC Phone System Upgrade Coming Soon!

To our clients, Partners, and Participants:

As a valued business partner of ours, we wanted to provide a brief update about the status of our phone system. In the next month, BPC plans to roll out an upgraded phone system designed to streamline and improve the call-in experience for all of our clients and participants. This robust new system will allow callers to reach a live representative more quickly. In the instances when a caller must wait, they will receive automatic feedback about where they stand in queue, possible wait times, and receive clear options for automatic callback and voicemail. While an exact date has yet to be determined, we are actively testing the new system and anticipate going live within the next month. The point of the transition will occur instantly, so no phone blackout period is planned. Our existing phone numbers and extensions will continue to work before and after the transition.

While we work as rapidly as possible towards this key technology upgrade, please know that our staff continues to field phone calls throughout business hours and rapidly respond to any messages left via voicemail or for our operators. You, and the employees you serve, remain welcome to call us as you normally would. Some callers may experience an extended ring pattern, but we will answer the call! Of course, you are also welcome to contact your individual representatives, or use our team emails (see below) for any inquiries.

BPC is aware that a queuing issue with our current system has caused some recent callers to experience extended and confusing wait times when attempting to contact our teams. We know that when our clients call us, they rightfully expect a live person to answer the phone with speed, courtesy, and expertise. We apologize for the recent instances where we have fallen short of that expectation, and we are taking all possible steps to mitigate the problem in the near-term even before the upgraded system is live.

We will keep you updated on the development and roll out of the upgraded phone system.

We are thankful for your ongoing partnership and remain fully committed to bringing you the world class service you expect from our team.

Very sincerely,

The BPC Team

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