Retirement Administration

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Since 1979 BPC's team of credentialed professional have been providing clients with integrated and focused administration of ERISA plans. Learn why BPC has been ranked #1 in an independent customer service satisfaction survey and how BPC can help your organization design an ERISA retirement plan that meets your organization's goals.



BPC was ranked #1 in an independent customer service satisfaction survey of nearly 13,000 plan sponsors and was among the first TPAs in the nation to receive the prestigious CEFEX certification.



BPC’s accredited Retirement Plan Consultants serve employers by designing custom retirement plans to meet their goals and help their employees become retirement ready. BPC does not sell investments, instead we focus on providing dedicated plan administration and compliance. We happily integrate with your preferred financial advisor and record-keeping platforms.


BPC Retirement Services offer employers of all sizes focused and accredited administration of ERISA services including Pensions, Profit Sharing, 401(k), and 403(b) plans. BPC clients are paired with a dedicated ASPPA® designated Senior Plan Consultant for ongoing professional support.




BPC is an accredited and approved administrator that will integrate with your preferred Investment Advisor and investment recordkeeper.