Retirement Plan Data Request FAQs

How do I log-in to BPC to get my Retirement Plan Data Request?

The person you identified as your Data Request Contact should have received an e-mail from BPC notifying them the file was available at

Why do you need this Data?

  • The IRS and DOL have requirements for all qualified plans such as yours. These requirements involve certain types of testing, reporting, and fact-gathering.
  • To meet these requirements each year, we perform nondiscrimination testing, assist you in calculating any employer contributions, reconcile the assets in your Plan, prepare the Form 5500, and provide you with the Annual Compliance Report.

Can I e-mail this information back to you?

The information you provide includes sensitive indicative data such as Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth. To ensure the data is kept secure, we ask you to use our website.

When do you need this returned?

If you have a 401(k) Plan, it is imperative that you return the employee information no later than one and half months after your Plan Year End so we can perform your testing. Penalties apply to corrective distributions not made two and half months after the Plan Year End. (For Calendar Year End plans, these dates are February 15th and March 15th respectively).

Do I need to list all owners even if they are not employees?

Yes, for the following reasons:

  • Ownership is a very important part of almost all testing and compliance issue.
  • Ownership also plays an important role in determining Controlled Group and Affiliated Service Group status.
  • To ensure that we are giving you accurate testing results and consulting, we need complete ownership information.
  • For plans that do not fit neatly on our spreadsheets, please call your Senior Plan Consultant for further details.

What constitutes a "family member" of an owner?

  •  Parents, Siblings, Children, Spouses, Grandchildren.
  • Please also include any step-children and in-laws with the specific relationship indicated.
  • Any employee who has the same last name as an owner will be questioned when we perform our testing. Any information you provide may prevent follow up questions.

Why do I have to report every employee?


  • The census data you provide is used for all testing and reporting. We can only be sure the testing is accurate by checking eligibility of each employee who worked during the Plan Year.
  • We provide you with an Employee Status Report in your Annual Compliance Report which lists each employee reported and their Status in the Plan at the end of the Plan Year. We encourage you to check against your records to be sure eligibility has been handled correctly.
  • These records are kept in our system to give us an historical record of each employee. This is used for rehires, vesting, and other eligibility questions.

What do I put for hours for an employee who is salaried?

  • If you track the exact hours worked throughout the year, that information is always the most accurate to provide.
  • If hours are not specifically tracked, indicate if they worked over 1,000, over 501, or 500 and under.

What do I report for Compensation?

  •   Compensation is one of the most important aspects of the information you provide to us. These figures are used for compliance testing, contribution calculations, and several other aspects of your Plan. It is imperative the figures you provide to us are accurate.
  • Please see your Plan Document for your specific definition of Compensation used for the Plan. This information can be found in your Adoption Agreement under Item 9. COMPENSATION (1.11(B)).
  • For more specific questions about types of compensation, please contact your Senior Plan Consultant.

Can't you use what the investment company provides?

  • This is a check-and-balance audit to ensure what you report on the W-2s matches what was deposited.
  • We use the figures you provide for all testing and reporting. By checking against what the investment company provides, we strive for accuracy.