LifeLock Benefit Solutions


Offer 24/7 protection to your employees at no cost to your company.

In today's digital world, it is not a matter of if but when identity theft will happen. 28 million people were victims of identity theft in 2012*. A stolen identity can be used over and over to drain accounts, open new lines of credit, ruin credit, obtain jobs, falsify income tax returns, commit crimes using an alias, and more. In addition to the devastating effects identity theft can take on employees' personal affairs, the time it takes for them to resolve related matters during the business day greatly impacts their productivity and attendance at work.

Now you can safeguard your employees, protect productivity, and modernize benefits packages by adding LifeLock at no cost to the company. By partnering with BPC, you can offer this group benefit at rates much lower than what is available to individual LifeLock customers.

Pricing per bi-weekly pay periods:
LifeLock Benefit Elite

Employee $3.92, Employee+Spouse $7.84, Employee+Children $6.86, Family $10.78
LifeLock Ultimate Plus
Employee $11.76, Employee+Spouse $23.53, Employee+Children $16.67, Family $28.44

Why Offer LifeLock Identity Theft Protection to Your employees?

  • Offer a competitive and modernized employee-benefits package to retain and attract employees
  • Unparalleled Support: low maintenance, easy to manage employee benefit program, BPC and LifeLock does most of the work
  • No cost to employers
  • Voluntary participation
  • Only a minimum of 2 enrolled employees required
  • Employees can purchase this BPC-sponsored group benefit at rates much lower than individual LifeLock customers

Contact BPC to learn more about how LifeLock Identity Theft Protection can enhance your benefits offering or request a proposal.